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Web Design

Goodbye, firm. Hello, agency.

In 2019, VSC expanded its scope of services from strictly PR, to an entire suite of content production and amplification offerings. This growth required a fresh brand feel that would communicate to past and prospective clients that we were open for a whole new type of business.

Myself along with the ops team planned an executed a company-wide rebrand, that encompassed a new website, brand system and style guide.​

The new site has been well received among the agency's network of VCs and past clients - and since launch, the new architecture has supported the expansion of two new sub-practices and a content series.


I worked with agency leadership to align on strategy -  then took the lead on site mapping, wireframing, creative direction, and drafting initial mockups + interaction design of the updated site.

I then worked with an external web designer and development team to bring the mockups to production, create specs, and oversee implementation.

Figma Circle.png
Photoshop Circle.png
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Hover for old design
VSC Website Walkthrough.gif
VSC Screen Capture - OLD.gif

Show the world we mean *new* business

VSC had built its reputation on media relations. With an entirely new content-centric arm of the agency launching, a new website signaled to potential clients that there's more to offer.

Case Study.png

More color

The old website was defined by a staunch black and white color scheme and default fonts; reminiscent of newsprint and old media. With the new site, we chose do a 180 - using a loud palette and modern sans typeface to mark a clear departure from the agency's former brand.


More action

To mark the agency's expansion from purely written content to more visual media, we chose to dial up the imagery and motion wherever possible. 

VSC Website Sitemap.png

Site mapping

Mapping assets from the original website (i.e. case studies, blog posts, metrics) that we want to carry over to the new site, and identifying new content to be produced.

Wireframe 3.png
Wireframe 1.png


Optimizing navigation for two target audiences:

  1. Prospective clients

  2. Potential new-hires

Case Study.png
Body Copy.png


Working with developers to create a flexible system of components that can accommodate all current and future content needs.

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