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In my 3 years at Bay Area communications firm VSC, I got the opportunity to meet with hundreds of inspired tech founders in the early stages of building their companies. 

As Brand Positioning Lead, I conducted competitive research, advised on web design and narrative opportunities, managed our network of creative agency partners, and in some cases, built websites, animations, and other creative assets.


Razor prototype

This piece was part of a larger collection of grooming products in a group product line assignment. The group agreed upon a cohesive aesthetic, with consistent features throughout the line, and each member developed their own product to fit.


We took inspiration from the inviting tactile quality of river stones, the organic purity of marble, and the sharp elegance of boat chines.

Razor - Poster.jpg
Razor - Elevation New.png

Getting Satirical

To help raise awareness (and hopefully some $) ahead of the Georgia senate run-off in January, I whipped up an online quiz where participants are challenged to attribute a selection of quotes to either GOP incumbent David Perdue or a bottle of Dr. Bronner's soap.

Expiring Soon

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