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Craft projects

For the love of the process.

Fashion Woodwork




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Packaging Materials Garment

As the COVID-19 crisis confined the global population to our homes, daily deliveries of essential (and not-so-essential) items have left mountains of packaging materials in their wake. I think the textures are fantastic.

Inspired by plague-era fashion, this piece uses debris from the contemporary privilege of e-commerce to emulate the exuberant sensibilities of 1300's aristocracy.


Express Empress - Compressed.jpeg


Packaging Garment Sketches.png
Express Empress - Compressed 2.jpeg
Express Empress - Compressed 4.jpeg
Express Emprss

Machiavelli Stool

One chair. Three configurations.

I live in San Francisco with two roommates. That means the mice are expected to pay rent, and if a couch takes up more than 3 x 6 feet of floor space, it's technically a guest bedroom.


Needless to say, we don't keep spare furniture laying around. We use what we've got, whether it's for work, breakfast, or lounging around.

What if one piece of furniture could be used for various purposes?

Seat Animation 2.gif
Machiavelli Stool

Scale Lamp

Porcelain Pendant

This was inspired by exploring the translucency of ultra-thin porcelain. After experimenting with several tile-making methods, the scales were rolled into 1/8 inch sheets, then stamped with various textures, before being cut with an elliptical die.

Once fired, the scales were fastened to a custom-welded frame with leather straps.

Scale Lamp

Proud Vessel


Slip-cast containers

The goal of this project was to create a ceramic object with thin walls and sharp edges, which can be very difficult to achieve with slab-construction.

Three sacrificial bucks were crafted from particle board, and cast in plaster. Then a liquid clay called slip was poured into the two-part plaster mold. Wall thickness is determined by the amount of time the slip is left in the mold.

After removing the resulting pieces from the molds, they were trimmed, bisque fired, and glazed.

Molding Cores.jpg
Plaster Cast.JPG
Proud Vessel
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