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Fundraiser | Social Media Campaign

Maximizing a matching donation.

As co-lead of VSC's social engagement team, I had the opportunity to manage several fundraising and volunteer initiatives.

In partnership with Kids In Need of Defense (KIND), we hosted a virtual fundraiser to support transportation costs for the SF and central valley offices, helping child refugees access legal and social services.

While the campaign was only moderately successful, learning what did and didn't materially impact our fundraising goals was invaluable.

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Focusing our efforts

We started by facilitating an agency-wide discussion to identify a cause that aligned with the team's values, and would therefore encourage participation.


We narrowed down the partner organization to KIND - a group that was directly serving our community in ways others couldn't.

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Matching goals to resources

We then worked with the KIND team to understand their needs and where our team could provide support. With immediate financial needs to support transportation costs, we determined the most effective use of resources was to tap our network through a virtual fundraiser.


For refugees, the journey to safety doesn’t end at the border.


We drafted concise and pointed copy for the campaign social posts and animations, with the goal of translating exposure to action.

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Lasting assets

We produced a range of static images, carousels, and animations. Optimized for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, these were intended to serve the organization after the campaign was over.


Social kit

Finally, we compiled all of the various written and visual assets in a shared folder to make social amplification as frictionless as possible.

The outcome


Raised for KIND

We were able to raise over $7,000 of our $10k goal - covering transportation costs for KIND's SF and Central Valley offices for nearly 1 year.


Lessons learned

Animations required a significant amount of the KIND team's time for approval, and didn't seem to impact donations. Meanwhile, the virality of the campaign may have been overstated, while direct asks from team members to their friends and family generated the greatest boost in contributions.

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